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Hierarchie: STVG - Projekte - School and the World of Work

School and the World of Work

Comenius Netzwerk mit Partnern aus: Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Netherlands Romania, Slovakia and Spain
The central aim of the network “School and the world of work” is to give contributions for improvement of policies, strategies, structures and processes in Europe, to give all young people a chance for a successful pathway from school education to the world of work and employment.
This task is seen as a part of European policies for the Youth, for education and employment, and as a part of Strategy for Lifelong Learning within the Lisbon Agenda is one of the most important tasks of European strategies for education, for employment, for lifelong learning and for social cohesion. The main approach of the Comenius network “School and the World of Work” is, that the best way to fight against youth unemployment is to improve proactive processes at all interfaces between school and the “World of work” that youth unemployment can´t emerge at the beginning of career pathways of young people.
There exist a lot of experiences, developments and best practices in European countries. The gap is however missing clear pattern of the main criteria for successful transition for young people from school to work and of the most hindering aspects for successful and smooth transition.
The benchmarks for the last interim report 2006 shows, that some reforms are moving forward but not enough, especially in the field of youth unemployment and the transition from young people from school to the world of work. A casual point is, that the benchmarks – especially low achievers in reading, upper secondary completion, early school leavers – in several countries don´t correlate with the situation of young people in further pathways, in labour market and employment. A main thesis is that there are essential additional aspects responsible for a successful and smooth transition from young people from school to the world of work in a smooth and sustainable successful way.
The network discovers, analyzes, documents, disseminates the casual elements of successful preparation, orientation, guidance, counselling and coaching of young people at the process from the initial education to a further pathway in profession and the world of work.
Principle, criteria and methods of the network are: strict reference to European policies and strategies, evidence based exchange of experiences, transfer from best practise examples between the partner countries, analyse and description of special models in fields of special interest. The Partnership consists of various types of institutions with responsible and experience at the interface between school and world of work with additional background of national and regional networks.

Zielgruppe: Praktiker/innen, Policy Makers im Bereich Schule - Beruf

Kontakt: Michaela Marterer
Tel.: 0676 84 17 17 14

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