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Hierarchie: STVG - Projekte - The perfect application

The perfect application

Target group
Young adults, who are about to enter the working world. Students of 9th grade and graduates of vocational schools as well as university students.

Prepare for the first encounter with the working world, not only in a written form but also as a person, in order to present yourself in a likeable, competent and believable way.

- Sources of job offers
- Self-analysis (strengths/weaknesses – analysis)
- Business analysis (requirements, key qualifications)
- Written applications
- How to prepare for an job interview
- The first impression
- How to conduct a conversation

Methodology and didactics
The students can decide on the focus of the seminar. There will be a video training and analysis of the participants’ job interviews with feedback and a checklist for self-control afterwards. Basic discussions about the situation on the job market, chances and possibilities of information gathering as well as guidelines for a written application or a personal interview (the usual questions, how to use your body language effectively, active listening etc.) will be part of the seminar also. The individual topics will be discussed in small groups first, later with the whole group of participants.
- short theory inputs
- group work and discussions
- role plays and exercises
- video training

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